Below are noteworthy events from Busch Gardens Tampa’s history that occurred in the month of May.

Specific Dates:

  • 2nd – 4th – (1980) Over 1200 Girl Scouts attend event at Dark Continent, Adventure Islands, and Busch Gardens Campground (Temple Terrace Beacon – May 22, 1980)
  • 2nd – (2014) Heavy rains cause flooding and force the park to remain closed for the day. Several attractions including Cheetah Hunt are affected.
  • 6th – (2010) Two male gorillas on Myombe Reserve, father & son pair Koundu & Cenzoo, are transferred to Birmingham Zoo.
  • 14th  – (2002) A 21 year-old zookeeper loses her right arm below the elbow after having it torn off by 350 lb, 12 year-old lion while giving a behind the scenes tour of the lion sleeping quarters to her parents and boyfriend. (Los Angeles Times 5/14/2002)
  • 16th – (1980) Scorpion opens.
  • 16th – (1996) Montu officially opens to guests.
  • 21st – (2005) SheiKra officially opens to guests.
  • 27th – (2011) Cheetah Hunt officially opens to guests.
  • 27th – (2016) Serengeti Overlook Restaurant (formerly Crown Colony Restaurant) officially opens with daily service, following a soft open the previous day.

During the Month: