Park maps serve a practical purpose by helping guests navigate during their visit. They also make a great souvenir and give a glimpse into the past. The maps throughout the years are a snapshot of what attractions and other features the park offered at any given point in time. Check out the maps below to see how Busch Gardens Tampa has changed since it opened in 1959.

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This undated map is part of a souvenir booklet.



This map highlights the addition of Boma, which according to the brochure was scheduled to open in June 1970. In comparison to the older map above, note the addition of the monorail and Swiss House on the right, and the Snack Bar (#21) out in the parking lot – better known today as Zagora Cafe.

1974 – Spring


1976 – Summer

This map includes Python, which opened July 1, 1976.



This map has the addition of Swinging Vines and Claw Island in Stanleyville.




Special thanks to “Stingray” Tom for donating this map.

2005 – May


This map from 2007 shows the new Jungala area under construction, labeled as “Future Attraction.”

2012 – Howl-O-Scream

2013 – Fall

2014 – Howl-O-Scream

2015 – Howl-O-Scream

2016 – Summer

This map has the addition of Cobra’s Curse and the change of Crown Colony to Serengeti Overlook.

2016 – Howl-O-Scream

2016 – Christmas Town

2017 – January

This map, introduced after the first of the year, removes Cheetah Hunt as a designated area, and merges it with Edge of Africa. Serengeti Overlook is moved out of Egypt and into the newly enlarged Edge of Africa, which also now includes Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run.

2017 – March

This version of the map used during the Food & Wine Festival shows Jambo Junction and Curiosity Caverns completely removed. It also features some minor design changes – the legend and area boxes now have sharp corners instead of rounded edges, and the seasonal advertisement in the lower right corner is now rectangular in shape instead of a semi-circle.

2017 – May

This version of the map includes the new Animal Connections logo over the former Jambo Junction area, and its listing under Nairobi as an official attraction once again.

2017 – September

Debuting at the beginning of the month, this version of the map only has a couple of small changes. The Sesame Street Safari of Fun logo above the location listing box has changed, with Elmo being removed. Under the Stanleyville listings, SheiKra Sweet Treats is changed to SheiKra Eats.

2017 – Howl-O-Scream

2017 – Christmas Town

2018 – October

In late October 2018, the map underwent another redesign. Most of the major attractions received names over their location on the map, and instead of listings being broken up by area, they were broken down by type and placed on the right side. In addition to the design changes on the front of the map, the back of the map also received a major change. The printed park hours and show time guide was removed entirely, instead being printed on a separate sheet of paper available on the map stands at the main entrance.

2018 – November

A minor change was made to the map to overlay the Santa’s House and Rudolph & Friends logos for Christmas Town 2018.

Check back soon as we add more park maps from Busch Gardens Tampa through the years!