The original Busch Gardens, the Bird Gardens section began as 15 acres filled with tropical foliage and some 1,400 exotic birds, many of them free-roaming. Outside of the brewery tour and free samples at the Hospitality House, the gardens were the main attraction for many early visitors to the park. By 1967, it was reported this section of the park held some 100,000 flowers and 150,000 other plants including trees and shrubs.

In addition to the pathways that allowed guests to wander through the gardens, early attractions included the Amphitheater with free shows with performing birds, the Adolphus Busch Space Frame (also known as the Geodesic Dome) which held some of the more rare birds, and Dwarf Village, which featured scenes from popular children’s tales in miniature.

By 1977, it was reported there were some 2,500 exotic birds as part of the area, along with a bird show and a puppet show.


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