2000 – 2009

Moving into a new century, Busch Gardens Tampa continues to grow with the addition of new events like Howl-O-Scream.


  • February 12 – Pele, a female gorilla, is born at Gladys Porter Zoo. She was moved to Busch Gardens’ Myombe Reserve in 2010.
  • May 12  – A 21 year-old zookeeper loses her right arm below the elbow after having it torn off by 350 lb, 12 year-old lion while giving a behind the scenes tour of the lion sleeping quarters to her parents and boyfriend. (Los Angeles Times 5/14/2002)


  • March 10 – Two male gorillas, father & son pair Koundu & Cenzoo, arrive at the park from Denver Zoo.


  • May 21 – SheiKra officially opens to guests.
  • November 18 – Bolingo, a male gorilla, is born at the park. He is the first successful gorilla birth at Busch Gardens Tampa.


  • October 31 – Python, the park’s first roller coaster, closes permanently as part of the project to create Jungala.


  • April 5 – Jungala officially opens to guests.