The Photo Safari tour offered photographers a chance to have early morning access to the Serengeti Plain with a knowledgeable animal guide.


Offered occasionally as a tour option, the Photo Safari allowed photographers of all skill levels a chance to get the perfect shot of their favorite animals at several locations in the park.

One of the occasions it was offered was March 27, 2011. Park admission was not included nor required, and the group was limited to 14 individuals. The tour began on the Serengeti Plain on a safari truck, then moved on foot to Edge of Africa and finally to Myombe Reserve.

A description of the tour in the summer of 2012 expanded on exactly what guests could expect, including the time on the safari truck out on the plain and the walk through Edge of Africa. The tour guide customized the trip to the group, making sure ample opportunities for the perfect shot of each species. Along with the photo ops, a giraffe feeding on the back of the safari truck was also included. At that time, the tour when offered was $99.95 per person, and available to guests ages 10 and above. Park admission was not required to take the tour.


Additional details on the Photo Safari may be added in the future. 


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Last update: October 17, 2022