Below are noteworthy events from Busch Gardens Tampa’s history that occurred in the month of October.

Specific Dates:

  • 2nd – (2017) Female White Rhinoceros born at park, named Winnifred (or “Winnie” for short).
  • 4th – (2018) Park announces new annual pass program with different levels of passes and benefits. (Twitter 10/4/2018)
  • 5th – (2013) The Wildlife Docs, a television series filmed mainly at the park including many scenes from the Animal Care Center, debuts on most ABC stations around the country.
  • 6th – 12th – (1975) Salute to active & retired Armed Forces with discount admission of $4.50 for adults, $3.50 for children ages 4 to 11 at the gate, or $4 for adults, $3 for children purchased at base locations. (Evening Independent 10/2/1975)
  • 11th – (2017) Park announces offer for one free admission for Florida first responders through November 24, 2017. Up to four additional tickets for friend & family available for 50% off gate price. (Press Release)
  • 12th – (1984) Auditions held for musicians, belly dancers, and performers for new revue show “All That Music” featuring songs from the 1940s and 50s. (Ledger 10/5/1984)
  • 13th – (2010) The official announcement is released for Cheetah Hunt, Cheetah Run, and the surrounding realm.
  • 14th – (2017) Malu, a male Bornean orangutan, is born to first time mother Luna.
  • 16th – (2015) A female southern white rhinoceros is born at the park.
  • 19th – (1998) Park begins doing background checks (going back 7 years) on all new hires, regardless of role. Previously, only certain positions required background checks. (Orlando Sentinel 10/21/1998)
  • 23rd – (2012) Female white rhino born to Tambo & Kisiri.
  • 23rd – (2014) Busch Gardens Tampa is featured on an episode of All-American Amusement Parks on Great American Country. (Twitter 10/20/2014)
  • 24th – (2012) Team USA Olympians McKayla Maroney and Jonathan Horton visit the park. (Busch Gardens 10/26/2012)
  • 28th – (2013) Inaki, a female gorilla who had resided at Myombe Reserve since it opened, dies at the park.
  • 30th – (1985) Halloween concert featuring Stranger, Gypsy Queen, Nova Rex, and Lefty beginning at 8 p.m. in both Stanleyville Amphitheater and Festhaus. All rides open until midnight. Admission is $7.95 in advance through Camelot Music stores or $8.95 at the gate. (Ledger 10/18/1985)
  • 30th – (2017) 2018 Fun Card is available for admission through December 31, 2018. The price is $104.99 for ages 3 and up. A free Adventure Island Fun Card is included if purchased by March 25, 2018. (Press Release)
  • 31st – (2006) Python, the park’s first roller coaster, closes permanently as part of the project to create Jungala.

During the Month:

  • 1971 – Admission listed at $1.25 for adults, 50 cents for children under 12. Parking is free. Open daily, hours 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. (Ledger 10/1/1971)
  • 1975 – Admission listed at $5.25 for adults, $4.25 for children age 4 to 11, free for children under 4. Hours are listed as 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. (Evening Independent 10/2/1975)
  • 1981 – Senior Days through December 13, with discount admission of $7 with coupon available at area senior centers and organizations. A $15 senior pass with unlimited visits through December 13 also available. (Ledger 10/2/1981)
  • 1996 – Vice President of Marketing is quoted as saying park is on track to break attendance records for the year, estimated to be around 4 million. (Orlando Sentinel 10/8/1996)
  • 2001 – Promotion through end of year offering unlimited free admission for America’s police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Guests of the personnel receive free admission on first visit and 25% discount on following visits. (Ultimate Rollercoaster 10/9/2001)
  • 2014 – Park launches PhotoKey, a digital photo sharing program. Using their PhotoKey card, guests can capture their favorite moments on most roller coasters, at the park entrance, on the Serengeti Safari, and elsewhere in the park with roaming photographers. PhotoKey is available for a daily fee or as an annual program. (Busch Gardens 10/20/2014)
  • 2016 – Gate price for single day admission listed at $99.99. (Twitter 10/18/2016)