Serengeti Safari

Arguably the most popular add-on tour offered at Busch Gardens Tampa, the Serengeti Safari gives guests the chance to feed giraffes and see up-close many of the species that call the plain home.


As part of a Black Friday promotion, guests who called into customer service from November 24 to November 29, 2010, could take advantage of a buy one, get one free offer on the safari.

Florida residents who purchased an annual pass in October 2011 got a free Serengeti Safari as a bonus.

The regular price of a Serengeti Safari was listed as $33.95 in the summer of 2012. Beginning July 26 and through August 21, 2012, guests could get $10 off the regular price of a single tour, or get four tickets on the tour for $80. Later in the year, the regular price increased to $34.99, but the tour was offered for $20 beginning in October. The $20 offer was later extended through November 11, and pass member discounts made the tour even less expensive.

The following fall season, a similar offer was announced for $19, beginning September 3 and running through November 21, 2013. The regular price at that time was listed as $39.

During the spring break season of 2015, a safari truck was parked out in the entrance plaza near the tram stop to promote the tour. On some of the busier days, an ambassador was stationed there to help answer questions and give information about the Serengeti Safari.

Announced in May 2016, the Serengeti Safari Tour was the winner of the 2015 AttractionTix Worldwide Attractions Award for Best Animal Encounter.

Teachers were able to book the safari for themselves and one guest for 30% off the regular price from May 6 through August 11, 2019. The offer had to be booked in person at the Serengeti Outpost and required the teacher to present a valid Department of Education ID. Also in May 2019, moms could book a Serengeti Safari for $10 off on May 11 and 12 with the purchase of a full-price guest.

In October and early November 2019, annual pass members were able to book the tour for $19.99.

Following the extended closure in the spring of 2020, the Serengeti Safari was the first tour to return to the park. Beginning on July 1, 2020, guests could once again enjoy a ride out on the plain and feed giraffes. To allow for physical distancing, only two groups per tour were allowed when it first returned.

As of January 2021, the regular price for the Serengeti Safari was listed as starting at $39.99. Unlike most of the other tours, it remained bookable only in person at the park. Reduced capacity on the safari vehicle continued, as did requiring guests to wear face coverings while on the tour.


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Last update: January 3, 2021